Yi-Chien Lu, PhD

Associate Research Scientist


Dr. Yi-chien (William) Lu, an Associate Research Scientist in the laboratory, has a broad background in molecular biology, with expertise in in high-throughput sequencing analysis as well as cell and molecular biology. In his graduate studies at the University of Connecticut, he used deep sequencing and a bioinformatics algorithm called MIResque to discover 66 new miRNAs in neoblasts. He then performed post-doctoral studies with Dr. Timothy Hla at Weill Cornell Medical College on angiogenic regulation by HuR, using PAR-CLIP and analyzing the resultant deep sequencing data to elucidate the role of HuR in competing with miRNA regulation on target mRNAs. In his current research, Dr. Lu studies how hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells make their fate decisions to commit to the erythroid (E) versus megakaryocytic (Mk) lineages with a focus on the critical interplay between cell cycle regulation and transcription factor function.